“Chilaquiles” are a mexican breakfast dish usually served with fried eggs or pulled chicken, they can be either green or red, depending on the salsa used to make them. It is one of the most popular dishes all over the country, with each person giving them their oun touch. If you ever plan on visiting, you must try them, they are great for waking up and starting your day on a full stomach.

Lazy cuisine: Chilaquiles (Alejandro Castellanos)

This articles cover the reaction of a few students from all over Germany on trying Chilaquiles for the first time. The Chilaquiles were made using a simple recipe anyone can try from home. They use salsa, tortilla chips and cheese. For the full recipe check our article on how to make them.

“They taste great! Not as spicy as I thought. Very good! And they seem easy to make. Did you use olive oil?! … I give them a 9 out of 10.”


“Not what I was expecting, very crunchy but not my favorite flavor, they are missing some salt, but they seem good as a snack… I rate them with a 7”


“I liked them a lot, they are so good! But I would rather have them as a snack while having some beers or after a night out… 8.5 would be the best I can give them.”


“I loved them, they are the best! They are so tasty! I can’t stop eating them, do you have more? Who do you make them?…”


He loved them keeped on asking questions on how to make them, what salsa to use and if he could have more. He gave them a 10 out of 10 he really loved them. 

As a mexican making these chilaquiles which are my favorite food, I have to say that they turned out better than I expected, it was hard finding the ingredients specially the tortilla chips, but eventhough the ingredients were a little different than the ones i would’ve used back home, the overall result was very good. 

The cooking was really easy and done in less than an hour. I have to say that I tried them and thought of how my grandmother used to make them for me when I was younger. It is definitely my favorite Mexican breakfast. I would have them everyday  if I could, and the ones I made here in Kiel are definitely worth a 10 out of 10 in my opinion. However, next time I will make them a little more spicy. Have you tried Chilaquiles? Would you dare to have a full plate? Let us know.