Being in Kiel for three months now I have built up a good range of places to go for a fun experience and overall good time. This list becomes a little bit shorter when it comes to bringing your parents along.

Places to bring your parents are a little bit harder to find in a location that is so centred on students and their nightlife. I don’t know about you but my parents are not so interested in the nightclubs and pubs I go to. For this reason, I have made a list of 5 tried and true places to bring your parents when they visit, accompanied by my parent’s own opinions on each place.

1. City Centre:

The first is the city centre itself. The beautiful buildings and greenery mixed with the lakes filled with wildlife is definitely a welcomed sight after a long journey.

My mother particularly enjoyed walking through Ratsdienergarten looking at the different statues and the wild flowers growing all over. As well as the overall calm vibe of the park.

2. Botanical Gardens:

I also decided to bring my parents to the botanical gardens which was a huge hit with both of them. My mother enjoyed the greenery and wildlife while my father was fascinated by the drastic changing temperatures in the greenhouses.

The range of plants and animals on display kept them and me entertained for hours as the grounds seem never-ending in the best way.

3. Laboe:

Laboe was another place I would recommend bringing your parents to as it is not like any normal beachside town. The scenes and food are all spectacular and is a great spot to watch the sunset. You can also visit the old submarine and museum, located inside, if just visiting the beach isn’t your thing.

Sunset at Laboe by Hayleigh Connolly
Sunset at Laboe by Hayleigh Connolly

4. The Fjord:

Walks down by the fjord were also a great hit with my parents. The feeding of the seals and the multiple food vendors made for a nice Sunday activity, which is hard to come by in Kiel as most things are closed. This was their favourite spot because it has a very similar vibe to the beachside town we live in at home.

5. Restaurants:

Lastly, I obviously brought them to some restaurants as Kiel has some great cuisine. If you want to see which ones check out the article I wrote on the Top 5 Restaurants in Kiel.

I hope this helps you plan a suitable day out with your parents as I know it was hard for me to think of what to do. What other places would you recommend? Let us know in the comments.