Hi! I am Finja Schulze, 30 years old and born in Kiel. Here I work as an editor, photographer and author at the media company falkemedia. For several years I have been writing for the two regional blogs “Förde Fräulein” and “Sylt Fräulein. On www.fördefräulein.de I share the most beautiful corners and addresses from Kiel and Schleswig-Holstein with you. I cannot imagine a more beautiful home than the north – I just feel at home here.

What’s your favourite place in Kiel…?

… to have a delicious brunch?

When I go out for breakfast, I go to Café Resonanz. There you can get the best breakfast in the city. The menu is like a little trip around the world, because there is something for everyone, from Greek and Syrian to Belgian, Dutch and American. The products are mostly from our region and are lovingly arranged on the plates. And the best thing is, that when you go to the toilet, you simply walk through a wardrobe.

… to have a lovely dinner?

One of my favourite restaurants is the Brunswik in the Brunswik Street. I love the relaxed atmosphere, the furniture and of course the food. It is prepared in an open kitchen right in front of your eyes. My favourite dishes are the falafel plate or the homemade pasta. That – with a glass of white wine and I am happy!

(Photo: Private)
(Photo: Finja Schulze)

for entertainment?

There are so many possibilities in Kiel. Every month there are various concerts or theatre performances. At Konzertkasse Streiber in the city centre you can buy tickets or simply get inspired.

… for a beautiful sunset?

At the beach in Stein, which is next to Laboe, you can watch beautiful sunsets. There is also an open-air bar, which hosts concerts regularly.

(Photo: private)

… to have good drinks?

I have three addresses where I like to go for a drink with friends at the weekend. The Moralistbar in the Holtenauer Straße, the Astor Bar with a breathtaking view over Kiel and the Sandhafen. This is Kiel’s floating water bar at the Kiellinie.

… for a good cake & coffee?

In Café Hilda at the Jägersberg there are super tasty, homemade cakes. The coffee comes from the in-house Kopiton roastery. You can also buy it there, for brewing your own coffee at home.

… to switch off of everydays life?

For me, it works best by the water! No matter if it is at the beaches in the area or directly at the fjord. Here I can switch off and get my mind off things.

… to buy some nice stuff?

Kiel has many owner-run shops to offer. In the Holtenauer Straße, for example, there are many nice ones.

… to meet new people?

I would simply throw myself into Kiel’s nightlife. On my blog you can also find many ideas about creative workshops, which are offered here. There you will also get to know new people.

And last but not least, what is your favourite place outside of Kiel?

I love the so-called Lotseninsel Schleimende. It is located where the Baltic Sea and the river Schleif meet and it can only be reached by boat. There is a white-green lighthouse and it is incredibly idyllic. This is my favourite place outside of Kiel.

(Photo: Finja Schulze)

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