If you are someone who tends to spend a lot of time on social media you have probably seen a lot of people buying hula hoops during lockdown and quarantine. Maybe you even considered buying one for yourself but weren’t particularly sure about it. In this article I want to talk about the benefits of hula hooping and why there’s i such a hypearound it at the moment. And trust me, even if you’re not Sporty Spice, it is something you could enjoy too.

The first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Hula Hoop might be: but isn’t it just for kids? And let me tell you the answer is no: it’s for everyone.

A lot of people believe it is hard to find exercise they actually enjoy, so hooping is the perfect way to get your exercise in, while still having fun with it. Because chances are high that you will look forward to a workout when you know it’s going to be fun.

So here I am, to tell you 5 benefits of hula hooping that you probably didn‘t know. 

1. Hooping burns a lot of calories

According to Mayo clinic hula hooping can burn the same amount of calories as other light aerobic exercises, such as walking at 4.5 miles/hour or ballroom dancing. 

Mayo clinic reports that, on average, men can burn up to 200 calories per 30 minutes of hula hooping while women can burn up to 165 calories per 30 minutes. 

2. Boosts cardiovascular fitness

Any type of cardiovascular exercise is known to get your heart rate up and works your heart and lungs, improving the flow of oxygen throughout your whole body. If you find your own hula hooping rhythm your heart rate will go up and your blood flow will improve. So you’re not only working your abs, but also your heart. 

3. Strengthens your core

To keep the hoop around your hips your body activates the muscles in your core which then results in strenghtening your muscles in the mid-section. Exercising regularly with a hoop can train your abdomen muscles, your obliques and your hip muscles.

4. Losing inches around your waist

When you exercise and have a good healthy diet, you increase your chances of losing some body fat.  Two different studies evaluated the potential benefits of hula hooping considering weight loss.

In 2015 a study showed that at the end of a 6 week hula hooping program, 13 women had lost inches around their waist and hips.

On average they lost about 3.4 inches around their waistline and 1.4 inches on their hips. 

Another study from 2019 compared the benefits of weighted hula hooping to walking and found that the subjects in the hula hooping program lost a significant amount of abdominal fat and trimmed down inches on their waist. 

5. Inexpensive and inclusive

Especially in those lockdown and quarantine times it is hard to get your daily steps or exercise in, especially if the gyms are closed where you live. Hula Hooping is a great way to exercise for everyone, no matter how fit you are. Even though it might need some training at first, pretty much everyone can do it at home. You can Hula Hoop with your family, friends or alone in front of your TV while watching Netflix.

It’s also inexpensive, as it doesn’t involve going to the gym that you have to pay for. You can pretty much hula hoop wherever and whenever you want. The cost of a standard Hula Hoop ranges from 15-50€ (depending on different factors like quality, weight etc.). Most hula hoops can also be taken apart, so it’s easier for you to take it with you, when you visit your family, but still want to stay a physically active. 

So, if you’re not the most active type or don’t find any sort of exercise entertaining, maybe hula hooping is the one for you. However, please always keep in mind to exercise safely and take care of your mental health first. It’s absolutely okay to not exercise every day, your body and mind always need breaks/rest too.