Don’t we all have those days where we feel like cuddling up in our bed, eating chocolate and just press the pause button on everything for one day? Especially in times like this, where we can’t do all the things that we usually enjoy doing, like meeting our friends, go out shopping or go see a movie, we tend to feel emotionally stressed, tired and depressed more often. That’s why it is now more important than ever to take care of yourself and your mental health. A good thing to start with is to take a long, relaxing day off to focus only on yourself and do what feels best. And here is some inspiration on how to do the perfect selfcare day! 

Digital Detox

It is no secret that your smartphone can cause extreme stress and make you feel restless or even anxious. But let me tell you something: Especially on your selfcare days, you don’t need to answer all your messages right away, stay updated on the news, scroll in your Instagram feed endlessly or open every snap you get! Just for one day, put your phone on flightmode or turn it off. Also try to avoid a lot of screen time on other devices, like your laptop or the TV. Sure, on some days you just want to watch Netflix all day, and that is completely okay. But on a selfcare day, the less screen time the better. That doesn’t mean that you can’t entertain yourself of course. Maybe try something new, grab a book you always wanted to finish or read an old magazine. Also listening to your favorite music doesn’t necessarily involve a screen. The motto here is: Go oldschool for day!

Fuel your Body

A healthy mind and a healthy body go hand in hand. So particularly on selfcare days you should focus on eating healthy and freshly made meals. For breakfast you can start with some warm oatmeal mixed with fresh fruits, maybe a smoothie on the side. Depending on your diet and food preferences, a good idea for lunch is always some kind of steamed fish with a lot of vegetables and maybe some whole grain rice. Dinner can be as fancy as you like, maybe even open a bottle of wine and just treat yourself. Eating healthy is important, sure, but always remember that completely giving up on foods you love can cause immense mental stress as well. So, if you want that piece of chocolate, just go for it! 

Work Out for a Good Mood

Working out isn’t only highly beneficial for our body, but also for our mind. A good workout, doesn’t matter if you lift 200lbs weights or if you just take a long walk, your body sets free dopamine, serotonin and endorphins, and suppresses hormones that cause stress and anxiety. In other words: It makes you happy! So, even if you don’t feel like running, lifting weight or any other exhausting things, just try to go with some lighter activities like yoga, taking a walk or just stretching. Moving your body in basically any way is always better than sitting on the couch the whole day. 

Take Care of your Body

Taking a selfcare day somehow is – especially on social media – always associated with weird cucumber face masks and doing your nails. Of course, you don’t necessarily have to do that. But taking care of your body, your skin and your hair is just as important for your mental health as fueling your body with nutritious food. We all know the feeling of taking a shower and washing our hair after a long night of partying, don’t we? So, don’t underestimate that part of selfcare. In the morning, just take a quick shower and moisturize with your favorite bodylotion. Apply a face mask if you like and give yourself a manicure. In the evening, a long bubble bath with essential lavender oil can do wonders, especially when you feel stressed or have trouble sleeping.

So, next time you feel stressed, just press the mute button on the world for a bit and take a long, well-earned selfcare day!