Are you considering a longer trip, maybe even a vacation, have you ever thought of visiting the Danish island, Bornholm? There are many ways to get there, including by ferry. There are two different routes, one from Ystad in Sweden and one from Sassnitz in Germany. You could also take the ferry from Putgarden to Denmark, then drive to Ystad in Sweden. The trip is a long one, as it will take around 8 hours including the ferry time. Nevertheless, Bornholm is worth the journey and this following text will recommend three different attractions to visit on Bornholm. The island looks nothing like the rest of Denmark, due to its rocky nature that surrounds it.
Bornholm is for people who enjoy nature, food, and calmness.


The smokehouses are a trademark for the island and have become the taste of Bornholm. It is common that the smokehouse serves fish in a restaurant and one of the main dishes is ‘Sol over Gudhjem’. Smoked herring is a traditional dish that is served with raw egg yolk, radishes, spring onions and rye bread.  The smokehouses can be found all over the island. One of the most popular ones is Nord Bornholms Røgeri, which is located on the northern part of the island. The smokehouse has expanded its business and built a large buffet out of rocks. The restaurant serves all kind of fish and is located in the first line to the Baltic sea. Notice that many of the smokehouses only are opened from Easter to Fall. The island lives for their tourists in the summer time and therefore the island is almost ‘closed’ during winter.


At the northern tip of Bornholm, you will find the impressive medieval fortress, Hammershus, which is the largest castle ruin in Northern Europe. The oldest part of the ruin was built in the 12th century. Hammershus is established on a 74-meter-high cliff and this gives you an incredible view from the castle. Back in 1576, the castle was used as a prison, and in 1660 the countess, Leonora Christina from Slesvig and Holsten, was held hostage together with her husband. The old fortress has several histories. If you would like to know more, buy a ticket that gives you a guided tour around Hammershus. Tours are available in German or English as well. The price for a one-hour tour as an adult is 40 DKK (5€). You can also choose to get an evening tour around the castle for an even more exciting atmosphere. For a ticket, you will have to visit this website:


Bornholm is famous for its rocks and cliffs, however, the nature has even more to offer as one of Europe’s best beaches is placed on the southern part of the island. It is the only sand beach on the island. Duodde has the finest sand that can ever be found – a fun fact is that the sand is so fine that it has been used in hourglasses. The beach is kilometers wide which makes it easy to find a quiet place. Furthermore, the beach is preserved and therefore you will not find areas with summerhouses and this gives the beach a steady and calm surrounding. The only way to get to the beach and that is by walking. Although only 500 meters the walk can be exhausting as you walk in the sand. You can also choose to start the walk from the parking place Skrokkegårdsvejen where you will also find kiosks, restaurants and toilets. From the parking place, you will find a track covered with a more steady ground; which will ease the walk. Just remember to bring water and other stuff you would need to have with you on the beach as the walk back is long. You will not find any toilets or kiosks on the route.
Are you into more action and activities, you can go windsurfing or paddle surfing.  Dueodde beach is connected to Balka beach and due to the fine sand and clear water, it has become very popular to do activities on the water. You will find many stores that rent out surfboards but if you are interested in a course you can contact Eastwind surfing school, who arrange courses for one person or groups.

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