“Fyn er fin” as we say in Denmark. The small island, which is placed in between Jutland and Sjælland, is known for its many cultural attractions and of course the world-famous writer H.C. Andersen. Fyn is connected to Jutland through a bridge; which is free to use. This makes Fyn easy (and cheap) to visit. However, the small island has attractions for everyone, and this article will recommend three main places for you.

Bridge walking

Are you into heights? An adrenaline experience? Or maybe you just like to try something that only can be done in a few places in the world? Then you might be interested in bridge walking. The visitor center is placed in Middelfart, just across the bridge.

You have to be 140 cm tall, otherwise, you are not allowed to walk over the bridge, of safety circumstances. The trip costs nearly 300 DKK (40€) and takes two hours. The walk is 2,5 kilometers and due to the height and the tough environment, you cannot be walking-impaired. Unfortunately, there is not a discount for students.

Jutland and Fyn are connected by two bridges, named the old and the new one. It is the old bridge you will walk on, which will offer you a 60 meter highly view above the water. The walk will be instructed by a guide, who will explain different aspects of the nature and the bridge. The website recommends that you order tickets online. You can visit their website for more information here: https://shop.bridgewalking.dk/

Egeskov slot

Fyn is filled with castles, actually 123. If you like history and cultural experiences, then Egeskov slot could be the next one on your bucket list. The castle is placed on the southern part of Fyn and combines a number of different experiences.

The castle is a beautiful place, surrounded by water and parks, and one of the most attractive castles to visit in Denmark. They often host different events during a season, with different exhibitions. Most famous is their collection of rare airplanes, cars, and motorbikes. Notice that the castle is closed during winter, except for November and December where they host a Christmas market.
This attraction offers many different things, a price winning park, a 100-meter-long chain bridge in the top of the trees, a big labyrinth made of bush, or a tour around the old castle. If you like to visit the castle during summertime, remember to check the website as there often is live music in the garden.



Odense is the capital of Fyn, and the third-largest city in Denmark. The city has many historical aspects, but one of the proudest is H.C. Andersen. Are you a true admirer of the writer, you now got the opportunity to walk around visiting all of the important places and five museums for only 110 DKK. (13€)

H.C. Andersen fills a lot in Odense, but the city got a lot of other things to experience. The city is also known as the city of festival, and for a good reason. The biggest and most famous festival is named Tinderbox, and the festival hosted names like: Billy Eilish, Miley Cyrus, Post Malone etc. The festival occurs in late June, and tickets are already available now.

If you are considering visiting the city during Christmas time, you can experience the world’s largest Christmas exhibition, named Glow. The experience is a magical 6,000 m2 indoor wonderland filled with interactive lights, delicious food, live entertainment, and a vendor market. There is an entrance fee, but notice if you order a ticket online, some of the dates come with a discount!

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