Are you looking for the next road trip, or maybe just a weekend get-away? Why not consider driving to Denmark? It only takes one hour to drive to the Danish border from Kiel.  This guide will recommend places to go If you are considering a trip to the northern neighbor, Jutland.  


If you are into beautiful nature and fresh air, Rømø is just the right place for you.

Rømø is an island on the west coast of Jutland, however, there is a 9-kilometer long dike from the mainland which makes it possible to drive all the way, and therefore you do not have to worry about a bridge charge or paying money to take a ferry, you just drive all the way for free. The island attracts many tourists doing summertime, as the nature and beach are incredibly beautiful. The nature has a rough Scandinavian feeling, with the sandhills and heather. Furthermore, Rømø is the biggest island in the Wadden Sea and the beach is very huge and therefore you are allowed to drive on it and thereby all the way down to the water, which makes this very attractive during summer. But be careful, the tidal water has locked cars on the beach before. It is also very popular to ride through the nature on an Iceland pony, and many farms offer trips to the beach. Not a big horse person? Do not worry, not many of the people ‘renting’ an Iceland pony are, the ponies have a very calm temper, which makes it possible for beginners to ride them.

If you are looking for a good dinner, there are many choices, but one of the most popular one is Fru Dax. The restaurant serves valuable and good food, often with fish. The restaurant also got an ice-cream house next door (which unfortunately is closed during winter) which has won the prize of the Best Ice-cream house in Denmark!


Do you have a childish personality, who likes speed and experiences? Then Legoland is the right place for you.

Billund is a very small city in the middle of Jutland, however, the city has the biggest airport in Jutland – thanks to the Lego-family. The company which started making children’s toys expanded its business fast and ended up needing a better transportation for customers, delivering etc. and therefore they build the airport which today offers flights all around the world. Besides the busy airport, Legoland also attracts many people, from all over the world. The theme park consists of 50 exiting rides and is built upon 60 million Lego bricks. The park is fascinating even for adults. Furthermore, you can experience Lego-hotel, which has a unique interior made of Lego blocks, surprising enough! It is not exactly cheap to enter the Lego world, but check out their website before you go! Sometimes they offer a discount if you order the ticket online.


Are you interested in culture and history, then Århus city might be the next one for you to visit?

Århus is the second-largest city in Denmark and offers many cultural and historical experiences. First of all, the world-famous museum, ARoS, attracts many arts interested people, however, the museum also offers one of the most attractive views of the city, namely the colorful roof installation which is circular and gives you a 360-degree view of the city. Notice that the entering price offers a discount for students.

Århus do also offers good shopping opportunities and great cafés. You could also visit the old part of the city, named Den Gamle By. It is a whole city museum that consists of old shops, and buildings. The people are dressed as back in the days, and this gives the place a very realistic way to experience the past. Furthermore, the city is divided into different historical periods. The entering price is only 70 DKK for students, which is a good value for money as you can spend hours walking around and experience the old days.  You can also walk around and trying different foods, which is based upon old recipes. Once again, there is a discount for students to enter the museum; just remember your student card.  

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