The capital of Denmark is filled with things to do! This list will provide you knowledge that might save you a couple of bucks and some of them are even free.


Tivoli Gardens was founded in 1843 and has become a national treasure and an international attraction. Fairy tale writer Hans Christian Andersen visited the place many times, as did Walt Disney who even found the inspiration to his own Disney World here. The park is filled with rides that all match the architecture of the garden. Tivoli is a nostalgic place with consistent art and architecture. The park is really for everyone. If you enjoy a day of fun, this is the place. Also if you enjoy walking around a magical garden, filled with references to H.C. Andersen’s fairytale world, this is the place. Besides being the heart of Copenhagen, the garden offers live music, ballet from the royal theatre, season exhibitions and much more. The entering price is 130 DKK (17€), but if you would like to use all the rides you can buy an all-day ride pass for 240 DKK (32€). Notice, if you order your ticket online three days before arriving you will get a discount! 


Glyptoteket is a museum which was founded by Carl Jacobsen in 1882. He is also the man behind the world-famous Carlsberg brewery. He traveled around the world and was fascinated by sculptures. Jacobsen has given Copenhagen many treasures, including a very attractive and famous sculpture, The Little Mermaid. The museum, Glyptoteket, consists of a superlative collection that contains over 10,000 works of art and archaeological objects and offers ever new perspectives on life, culture and civilization through a period of 6,000 years. There is free entry every Tuesday! Glyptoteket can also be a good place to enjoy lunch, in the middle of the museum you will find a café named Picnic.


Copenhagen has many things to offer, but experiencing the city does not have to cost a lot. The city is filled with beautiful gardens and areas to visit, which will give you the ultimate Copenhagen-feeling! One of the popular gardens is Frederiksberg Have. It has many beautiful corners but was is most attractive is that the garden is located just besides the zoo, or more specifically the elephant’s outdoor area. This means that you can take a walk in the park, enjoying lunch and get to see the elephants for free. Another, maybe even more astonishing garden is Botanisk Have. The garden is a part of the natural history museum and is an oasis filled with tropical plants. Besides the impressive garden, you can visit Palmehuset, which is a glasshouse built in 1872. The house was actually founded by Jacob Christian Jacobsen; who is the father of the already mentioned Carl Jacobsen.  Both garden and glasshouse can be visited for free and still be a great experience.

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