Well it’s almost weekend and you are in a mood that, “I don’t want to do anything not even cooking …. but I want something nice, simple and tasty”…. So this is one of my simple breakfast (might be a bit heavy for some people), lunch and dinner-ish like recipe for you which will make your stomach full and it’s also delicious and healthy!

As a student we are always occupied either with study, exam or working to survive or to get more experience for our future career. And it happens sometimes that you don’t want to cook anything at all or might not have enough time for it. If you also want to save some money this recipe is the one that might tell you “wait before calling the pizza think twice you can save some money with your creativity.” So now let’s talk about the ingredients for this recipe.


Lazy Cuisine: Egg N Cheese Toast
Ingredients for the dish (Photo: Sadi)
  1. Feta Cheese (Hard to melt kind of Cheese)
  2. Gauda Cheese/ Kasar Cheese (Easy to melt Kind of Cheese)
  3. Any kind of bread (old breads also fine) / For this recipe I had an old bugget
  4. 2 eggs
  5. Pepper
  6. Dry Parsley
  7. Garlic Powder (optional)

So, first Cut the bugget evenly. In a bowl beat eat the two eggs really well and then add feta Cheese, Kasar Cheese into it. In the mixer of egg add freshly cracked pepper, dry parsley, garlic powder and your favorite herbs (optional herbs like Oregano, Thymine, Basil etc). Put the mixer on top of the bread. Then you can do more tweaks if you want (as I had some tomatoes I’ve put there. You can put minced meat or tuna fish or mushroom etc.). Then put those bread on a baking tray and send inside the baking oven for 5 minutes with 220 degree celsius.

Lazy Cuisine Simple Egg N Cheese

After 5 minutes the breads will be crispy from outside and creamy from inside. Here how it will look like

Caption: Final look of Egg N Cheese Toast

So now enjoy the meal and guten Appetit. 😉