Photo Credit: Farjana Islam

It’s a responsible contact tracking; Luca is a vital step toward the secure reopening of facilities – and for all of us, the opportunity to actively engage in public life once again.

“Luca app” is a faster and more efficient tracking application for the last few months. Industries that have been shaken by the pandemic such as culture and gastronomies are hoping for a lot from this app. The “Luca app” is now only available in Germany and is only used there in a few regions.

What Is Luca?

“Luca” is a mobile app that allows users to track encrypted digital contacts. The Berlin-based app Luca is the result of a collaboration between neXenio GmbH, a by-product of the Hasso-Plattner Institute, and a few cultural artists (e.g. The Hip-Hop Band “Die Fantastischen Vier”).

How Does Luca Work?

The Operators, Guests, and Health Department are the three interfaces in Luca. After downloading the app as a guest, you need to register your name and telephone number. Luca generates a QR code that changes every minute, which can use to check into different locations of an operator. If anyone leaves the location, it automatically checked out or we can check out manually.

Luca App Features (Photo: Farjana Islam)

Where Luca Should Be Used?

The app enables simple online check-in in distinction to earlier openly displayed contact lists, such as in restaurants. Luca app can be used in Restaurants, Hotels, organizational events, Retail trade, Employers and In the Public areas, etc.

What Is It Supposed To Achieve?

  • Compliance with data protection.
  • Automated connection to the health authorities.
  • Free and easy use by companies and customers.
  • A uniform digital solution for contact tracking that is as wide as possible.

What Role Does The Luca App Play And How Do You Use It?

Luca intended to simplify and improve the tracking of contacts, especially in retail and catering. The app is free of charge for operators and customers.

Instead of filling out a piece of paper in a restaurant or at the retail shops, the user can register digitally. The app promises to companies to say goodbye to the paper chaos when it comes to contact tracking.

How safe is the data?

“Luca” operators pledge a high level of data protection. All data will be encrypted and held solely in Germany. Only the health department, has access to the data in the event of an outbreak. The data are stored in encrypted form on German servers, according to the app’s self-description, data are deleted after 30 days. Personal data is not accessible to organizers or operators at any time. This prevents the data to be used commercially.

What Distinguishes Luca?

  • Luca is free of cost.
  • Sends direct notification in case of infection.
  • The registration process is simple and easy to handle.
  • Contact registration with multiple encrypted, anonymous, and data security-compliant contacts.
  • Tracking infection chains in a simple, time-saving, and comprehensive way (relief of the public health department).

Luca is really not simply the app. Luca isn’t as regards contact recording. Luca could be a complete system that supports users still as consumers, organizers, and public health authorities. It’s a vital step within the digital recording of contact data. Retailers and restaurants in Kiel are already using this app to make contact tracking easier and to keep track of corona infection to avoid any kind of consequences.