Night View of The New Shore Power Facility in Kiel (Photo: Farjana Islam)

The Port of Kiel has inaugurated the new shore power system in an effort to cut down hundreds of tons of CO2 emissions and become one of the eco-friendly ports in Europe. This is one of the outstanding versatile ports in the Ostseekai.

The Port of Kiel presented the LED elevation of the new shore power system at the Ostseekai to the public for the first time. On 9 December 2020, Kiel’s Mayor Ulf kämpfer and town Councillor Doris Grondke inaugurated the LED wall at the brand-new onshore power supply plant constructing at the Ostseekai Terminal.

The spot (Ostseekai), the permanent depth for seagoing ships, and the direct communication of the central station and street community make the port similarly attractive for cargo and visitors. Ships on the port need energy for lighting or to cold meals, the generators powered via delivering diesel are fed in. Now a hitherto precise highlight has been created at the most visited synthetic waterway within the globe.

The brand-new shore power system with its X-LED simulation is a wide range of attractions. The system covers 44 percent of the strength necessities of the ship’s mendacity on the port of Kiel in an emission-loose and weather-neutral way. It has 16 mega volt-amperes (MVA) power, and with its new “Siharbor Solution” it aims to serve two ships at the same time with certified eco-power. It will decrease the annual CO2 emissions by more than 8,000 tons. In years, it needs to be 60 to 70 percentages.

Evening View of The Shore Power Facility in Kiel (Photo: Farjana Islam)

This new shore power supply project was co-funded by the state government of Schleswig-Holstein (€8.9 million) and the EU (€1.26 million). Similarly, the Federal government of Germany agreed on a political bundle to lower the consumer fees on-shore strength significantly.


  • LED modules
  • Suitable for video
  • High performance
  • Low power consumption
  • Connection via a standard interface

The products from Carl Stahl architecture not only offer high-quality fall protection. In addition, it enables outstanding design. For instance of the “X-LED” and support this structure of many LED dots that are installed simultaneously. Which consists of rails, chromium steel cables, etc. This design is used to make very attractive lighting effects.

Due to the high light and wind permeability, it prevents LEDs from being damaged by robust winds. Because of its lite weight, it is very easy to install and also it is eco-friendly.

The new power plant equipped ships in the port with green energy. This makes it possible to dispense with marine diesel to supply during operating times.  This reduces the emissions of pollution on-site and helps to achieve the goals of climate protection.

It has a moduled system of installation behind the metal panels. Which ensures a very appealing dazzling design even in daylight when the LED lights are not activated. 

The Power Shore in Kiel (Photo: Farjana Islam)

The system is one of the most powerful of its kind and willing to initiate the supply of the Stena Line ferries. Soon cruises, ships, and ferries are going to be able to use green electricity at the same time.

With its “Superior Set up for Climate Protection”, Kiel City has a desire to be zero CO2 by 2050. The unused shore control framework at the Harbour of Kiel points to back this objective with the lessening in CO2 emissions it’ll bring. To date, it has made a difference and cut down the number of CO2 emissions by more than 1,000 tons.