You want to cook healthy, without much effort and without lots of dirty dishes?

One-pot dishes are the right thing for you.

Are you a student that lives in a flat share? Then you probably know the problem of not having enough space to cook something decent. In that case, one-pot recipes might be a good choice! And even if you have a whole kitchen for yourself, wouldn’t it be nice to only have one pot to wash afterwards?

With One-pot pasta, all ingredients (including raw noodles) are thrown together in a pot- lid on it and cook until everything is cooked and the dish is ready. The pasta and the vegetables are cooked directly in the sauce. The result is always very creamy and lots of wonderful pasta creations with lots of vegetables if you like. And the best: the possibilities for variation are endless- so you can be creative.

Generations of FHEWS writers, beginning with Nasstasja Henkel and Lena Groth-Jansen, have created a series of delicious one-pot-pasta recipes for you! We hope you like them as much as we do.